Ben Shapiro

Beginning in 2016, Birch Gold Group and Ben Shapiro have worked hand-in-hand to educate Americans on why it’s so important to diversify their savings, especially retirement accounts, with physical gold and silver.

During this time, Phillip Patrick, a Precious Metals Specialist at the company, has joined Shapiro on his show to discuss the topic in more detail, including the latest news affecting the economy, financial markets and Americans’ savings.

Here are the interviews that Shapiro has conducted with Birch Gold Group:

March 2022: Unintended consequences of financially canceling Russia

March 2021

October 2020

March 2020

September 2019

April 2019

October 2018

November 2017

As Birch Gold Group and Ben Shapiro continue their relationship, this page will be updated with more news and interviews.